Practical Uses of Electronic Medical Record Software to Patients

Practical Uses of Electronic Medical Record Software to Patients

We all have heard of the advantages of using Electronic Medical Record software or EMR in hospitals and private practice. But does it really do any good for patients? Yes, it does. There are a number of practical uses of EMR to patients and you too can benefit from this medical technology.

Save on your trips to the doctor
With the EMR system, no longer will you need to visit your doctor every time that you have a question or you need a prescription. With EMR, e-prescriptions are made possible so you can just email your physician. There is also an option for you to get medical counseling through e-mail since your medical records can easily be accessed by your doctor online. That means a lot of savings on gas, plus you save a lot of time and effort too.

Check your medical chart any where you may be
Since most EMR are web based, your medical records are kept online. You can save them in online personal health portal like Google Health where you can view and share medical records among people you want to share it with. For example, if you are keeping track of your mom‚ health, this is a good way to keep yourself updated.

Download lab results
With electronic medical record system, you can download your lab results without hassle. No longer do you need to call your doctor‚ office every now and then to check for your lab results. There are medical centers and labs that allows patient to download lab results online once they are released. This faster access to lab results is made possible with ERM.

Prescription check
With ERM, it is now possible to double check if you have the proper dosage and if your prescribed medicine is safe for you. ERM can avoid any adverse drug interactions because it will send off alerts in case of a wrong prescription. It is also a quick way of prescribing generic drugs to patients, which can help them save a lot of money.