Hello, I’m Kho.

Hello, I’m Kho.

I am 28 years old and have been overweight my entire adult life. Some time ago I made a decision, to achieve a life goal before I turn 30, to get that fitness magazine cover model look.

I have read many fitness magazines, forums, books, and ebooks over the past TEN years, and recently all the seemingly disparate ideas that I have collected during that time has finally clicked into place.

I am convinced that I have figured out a practical fitness plan, one born of common sense and good old fashioned logic, one not seen anywhere else, like a missing manual for your own body.

Now it is time to test this theory of mine, and over the next 180 DAYS I’ll will share my progress AND my knowledge with you and the world.

Welcome to my fitness blog.

For this training I will be referring to two main books.

  • Visual Impact Muscle Building - by Rusty Moore
  • Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - by Tom Venuto

After reading many books and magazines, I discovered these two books after I came up with my own theories with regards to how to train to lose weight, and felt that these two e-books resonated with me the most. They explain the processes of training and nutrition better than I ever could, or would ever care to. If you have the time, these are two ebooks well worth reading.

1. Visual Impact Muscle Building

- A Unique Product Aimed at People Who Want the “Hollywood Look”

This is a great book, and provides the framework for training and workouts, and key concepts on how to achieve a “cover model” look. They provide a great overview to their program via the introductory videos on their website and well worth watching.

You can get the Visual Impact Muscle Building Program from their website – www.visualimpactmusclebuilding.com

2. Burn the fat, feed the muscle

The title pretty much explains it all. While the Visual Impact Muscle Training Progam explained the physical aspects of training, I felt that Burn the fat, feed the muscle did a much better job at explaining the nutritional aspects of losing weight and is another book I strongly recommend.

You can get the BFFM ebook from their website – www.burnthefat.com