Ex military only! Are you getting good VA health care? How would you improve things? Health Remedies

Ex military only! Are you getting good VA health care? How would you improve things?  Health Remedies

Ex military only! Are you getting good VA health care? How would you improve things?

There has been a committee appointed to follow up on soldiers after they leave active service, and use VA health care, to see if they actually get good health care as veterans.

As a vet do you have any suggestions or complaints about

getting your health care needs addressed and remedied?

This question is for vets only. I won’t

consider answers from non ex military.

Sorry. You’ll have to get your points

on another blog. And a thumbs down

There is a patients’ advocate office in

most VA facilities. It is there you make a

complaint about the things you are con-

cerned about with your health care. Don’t

be afraid to use them. Not every doctor

is great. I know from an experience or two myself. And I should have reported

him before he transfered east from the

west coast. I wish I remembered where.

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it could be a whole lot better.

Its a shame how the Bush administration has treated our brave loyal returning wounded vets. Its a travest no one talks about.

The first guy shouldn’t even be commenting.

I’ve been part of the VA for 16 years. I have had very good care and treatment, along with the other vets I meet there. I am given the help I need when I need it.

I do know there are a few vets out there that want to be seen for every little thing and get bent out of shape when the VA doesn’t jump at the chance to help them with their sniffles. These are most of the ones that are complaining about being mistreated.

My experience is a good one and still is. Even with the increased loads of returning and injured vets, the VA is still able to get things done.

If I had to comment on anything, it would be the time it takes to get an appointment. However, I do know the VA takes higher levels of priority first. That’s the way it should be though, but can be corrected with more doctors and nurses.

I have had nothing but problems with the Veterans Hospital. They make you feel like you’re faking it half the time. They want to drug you up and send you home. I have kidney stones really bad and they refused to do anything about it. I need them removed and they refused to do it. They said even if they decided to do it it would be a two month wait for surgery. He sent me away with nothing for pain and nothing for my UTI. I had to go out of pocket and see another doctor to get any help. I’m now waiting on new insurance to kick in so I can get my health issues taken care of. I have filed numerous complaints against the doctors there and nothing has been done. Do not go to the VA if you can help it!

I am a disabled Vet, from the First Gulf War Period. I live in the Dallas Texas area and I think that I am getting good health care.

However, there is no doubt the VA system is the world’s largest HMO. The Health Care has to be Managed and you need to prove that you are disabled to be able to get any. For me that was a long hard route because of my particular illness. Fibromyalgia has no know cure, no way to detect, it and no known treatment. In fact 20 years ago it wasn’t considered a real disease.

My current doctor has flat out told me that he doesn’t believe in Fibromyalgia, but he will be willing to treat my condition. I didn’t like what he said very much, but I had to respect his honesty. I have been with him for over two years with no complaints. On my last visit he said that he was proud of me because I have not been a hypochondriac, I take my medication, I am aware of my health and my health problems, and I am trying to do what I can to stay healthy.

I have had problems with the VA, lots of problems. But, they have kept improving their care. What used to take all day to do now takes half that time. The Pharmacy used to be really slow, but they have addressed the issue and are now responding faster. Before I used to see the doctor of the week, but two years ago they decided to go with a one doctor for each patient idea and I like that better. It has let me build a relationship with my doctors, and they take me more seriously and we can talk better.

The surge in newly disabled Veterans has caused a strain on the system, but it hasn’t hurt my care very much. I have talked with the staff and they have seen a large increase in the patient load, but they are handling it; so far. There is always room for improvement, but so far the VA seems to be working to find out what they need to improve on and have improved it.

For example they used to have a cattle call style sick call. If you were sick then you would see whatever doctor was on duty at the time. This is the same way it happened in the military. Now, I have one primary care doctor and I see him for all my medical needs.

I can’t always get an appointment when I want, there is a back log. I am supposed to be regularly scheduled for appointments, but I have recently noticed that system breaking down. You have to order your prescriptions by mail, phone or over the Internet. I haven’t seen a slow down or degrade in the medications available. On the whole I am pleased with my care and I am happy with the VA. However, 5 years ago the standard of care wasn’t that good. I had to work with a pool of doctors, I was switched around between clinics, and it took all day to get your prescription medication. It still takes a while, but most people are regular patients so they can have it mailed to them. You only need to wait for your medication if you are prescribed a new one. The wait time can be 4-5 hours, but that is not too terrible.

I have noticed the work at the lab has increased, that is the first bottleneck with an increased patient load. Every doctor orders a series of tests prior to seeing their patient. It takes a few hours to conduct those tests and put them into the computer, but in private practice I have seen it take days for results to come back, especially if they have to be sent out to a lab. I have had some tests that needed to be sent out, but most of them are done in the lab and are ready for the doctor to view a couple of hours after the lab appointment.

It depends on the area, the hospital, the people and the patient load. I am lucky that the Dallas VA is a relatively new hospital. Before the Iraq War Walter Reed was scheduled to be torn down; it is not modern enough and the cost to modernize it would be more than the cost of a new hospital.

I stayed at Walter Reed for 6 months in 1991 and I was impressed with the skill and dedication of the people there. Of course the MRI machine was used so much by out patients that patients in the hospital end up going to the machine at 2:00 -5:00 am. That is a bit of a bother, but it makes an efficient use of the machine.

I didn’t have to stay at the area across the street where the rats and other major problems were found. I was in the hospital between wars so it was during a period of lower demand. However, on the whole the care I received was good.

The recent computerization of the VA has improved things as well. I don’t know how it is for the whole system, but with patient records in the computer it no longer takes days to get them and to file them away as it did before. This is a saving in staff and time, it also makes it much easier for the doctors. Before, if you showed up sick, without an advance appointment, then your medical records were not available. Now they are always available and ready to hand. It also helps to prevent dangerous drug prescription combinations being given out. With the records centralized it is easier to track the drugs that each patient is taken, even if they are being seen by multiple clinics.

Heath care on a military bases is far better than the VA. I’m not saying heath care at the VA is bad. I’m just saying the military hospitals are better.

jeeper_peeper321September 21st, 2011 at 5:26 am

I have never been to the VA since i got out.

I have insurance thru work, so why would i use the VA?

4 years of service, shouldn’t mean life time medicial care.

Not unless you have a service connected problem.

If we could get all the people, who don’t have service connected problems, out of the VA system, then maybe the level of care for those with actual service connected problems, would go up.

Yes, I agree, that veterans down on their luck, should still get to be treated at the VA.

But not people who have jobs and insurance, who are just trying to save a buck.

I haven’t used mine yet, but my father did go in for back surgery and he is very happy about his time there. I guess the only thing to make it better would be to build anothe VA hospital. Ours is about an hour away. Still that is nto a big deal.

I have been going to the V.A. for 5 years now and it’s working out alright. If I could change one thing I would train the receptionist and nurses to not be such cunts. Also, its darn near impossible to know whats going on(as far as what and where you need to go to get your disability and appointments) when you first enter the system and that could be fixed.

One of many, US veterans, qualifies for VAMC health care in possession of honorable discharged SF-214. As a diabetic for 26 years, 4 years of Kidney Dialysis with ESRD surgery for Kidney Transplant; needed Heart implanted pacemaker, battery operated.

Veteran in need of life sustaining, non-rejecting, allergy medication regiment for assorted heart functions and thin blood for circulation; continual monthly blood labs.

These life sustaining prescriptions are administered by VA pharmacy NOT refilled on regular 90 day program; leaving veterans without medication for two or even four weeks with out PTSD medication. (~)

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